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Embrace Your Healing Journey with AKA Counseling Center, LLC

Anything BUT traditional therapy.

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Alya Abbed MA, LCPC
Trusted Counselor & EMDR Trauma Therapist

Upon settling into Central Illinois in 2005 from Detroit, I began rooting my career in the guidance of clients through the trauma responses controlling their life path. I'm passionate about instilling hope, clarity, accountability and a strong sense of internalized worth. I am entrusted to walk alongside my clients as they navigate their personal journey toward contentment and authenticity. I am driven by witnessing the  strength of human resiliency, adaptability, and efficacy of intuitive healing. I use clinical counseling experience  towards learning, understanding, and developing healthier ways of navigating life's challenges. Potential clients schedule consultations to explore whether AKA Counseling is the appropriate fit for their journey of personal healing. I hope to meet you along your path to rediscovery, authenticity, and wellness. I am humbled to explore with you what we can heal and grow through together.

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“We see things not as they are, but as we are. Because it is the 'I' behind the 'eye' that does the seeing.”

― Anaïs Nin

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Your Life. Your Journey. Your Legacy.

Integrated Approach to Trauma Treatment

Experience, authenticity and clinical skill create the safe, trusted, and effective therapeutic environment needed to process and heal. Clients are supported in identifying, addressing, and growing through life's circumstances. AKA Counseling is committed to building trust, developing growth, and prioritizing your mental wellness. An initial consult will help determine if my approach is right for you.

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Embrace Life’s Challenges

It is my belief that the path to achieving awareness, insight, and success is most often cyclical and rhythmic than it is linear. Change is a process that requires vulnerability, practice, insight and guidance. A successful outcome with AKA Counseling Center, LLC looks different for each individual. Developing and maintaining coping skills to effectively handle life's challenges requires time, space, and grace. My focused clinical experiences have proven to me that clients actively desire to change the patterns that no longer serve them, but often don't know how...

"Change starts with a vision, is nourished with hope, and sustained by support"



Experience Life Through Mental Wellness

Healing from the experiences following traumatic events can be tumultuous, lonely and disorienting. AKA Counseling Center individualizes collaborative interventions to address and effectively treat the symptoms impacting your mental health. Alya is skilled in providing relief, hope, and progress using strength and trust-based holistic approaches. My honest, authentic, and intuitive style continues to be key to my longevity in trauma assessment and treatment. I utilize intuitive and person-driven talk-therapy to grow and guide you along the path of emotional freedom and holistic wellness.  I have a strong commitment to EMDR that is enhanced by targeted application of mindfulness, somatic experiencing, CBT, DBT, and therapeutic art intervention techniques.



Experience, grow, and amplify your personal worth and value

Inevitably, personal growth requires safe and trusted interpersonal connections in order to maintain focus, awareness, resiliency and balance.

The art of my skilled expertise allows for trust, vulnerability and transparency to develop quickly and evolve naturally.

Talk to me easily, discreetly, and confidentially about the limiting experiences limiting you along your personal journey to holistic healing and mental wellness.

Sharing, processing, treating and resolving the experiences limiting your ability and full potential is AKA Counseling's focus. Confidently entrust your healing process to me for safe and effective exploration of patterns that no longer serve YOU. Psychological barriers are rooted in reactivity from guilt, shame, avoidance, denial, fear, sex, abuse, toxicity, control and experiences buried deep beneath the surface amongst others. 

Am I happy?

Why are those toxic cycles so stubborn?

Why is this happening again?

What are my goals?

What's holding me back?

What is my purpose?

Where am I headed?

What's my plan now?

Who am I?

What's wrong with me?

Will I ever be enough?

Counseling may be sought out proactively, reactively, hesitantly, or out of sheer necessity to ensure safety and survival through times of crisis. Clients are most often referred to me for specialized support and intervention through periods of adjustment, transition, abandonment, grief, suicidal ideation and trauma reactivity. 

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Alya Abbed,  LCPC


706 E. Oglesby Ste 114 A
Normal, IL 61761


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